Property Assessments

We have come up with a tried-and-tested process to assist properties of different calibres in acing their energy efficiency goals in an inexpensive, timely, and customer-centric manner. The first step, after initial contact, would be a room-by-room appraisal conducted by one of our expert in-house surveyors, which is essential to customizing an eco-friendly design or retrofit.

This procedure entails the taking of measurements in different domestic spaces, from loft to cellar, and taking pictures of energy-related units, such as water heaters, thermostats, showerheads, and radiators. Detailed floor plans will be drawn up, indicating all the openings through which heat can escape, and the data collected will be recorded in our database.

Once the “problematic areas” have been identified, such as single-glazed windows in need of double glazing, or the need for under-floor insulation, boiler replacement, or draught-proofing, then the appropriate measures will be promptly conveyed to the client. Our philosophy is to give clients the final say; therefore, we will only proceed with the necessary improvements once we obtain the green light, making sure we adhere completely with our client’s vision for their dreamy sustainable space.

Once we have completed all the vital renovations for a comfortable and functional low-carbon dwelling, we pride ourselves on excellent after service support; performing regular check-ups and necessary tweaks here and there to maintain an impeccable standard of quality and care.


About 40% of heat is lost from homes due to a lack of proper insulation, and Easy Plan provides loft and cavity wall insulation with suitable fillers and a great finish. There is no need to worry about any ensuing untidiness as our team of seasoned professionals will drill a few compact holes into your walls and pump in the expanding foam or mineral wool. Loft insulation is as simple as layering 250 mm thick Earth wool between and across the top of your roof joists. These simple processes, when performed efficiently, are a sure-fire way of keeping your home warm and toasty without the need for turning up your heating.

De-cluttering and renovating

We proffer sustainable refitting solutions, ensuring that your home is bright, spacious, and eco-friendly with optimal efficiency and zero mess. We will even clear out your loft and responsibly dispose of unwanted items so that you can insulate and repurpose the space in a greener energy-saving style.

Smart commercial solutions

Many SMEs find it challenging to manage their fuel and electricity rates, and their consumption often exceeds the level necessary for optimal business operations. At Easy Plans, we also offer bespoke solutions after an in-depth needs assessment to help companies find their footing in the energy market and balance their spending more sustainably.