About Us

Easy Plans is a sustainable renovation and construction solutions provider founded by a group of specialists dedicated to responsible living via economical low-carbon emissive, and well-insulated constructing or retrofitting.

Our portfolio encompasses a variety of public and private sector, as well as domestic and agency properties that are committed to modulating their heat and energy consumption while enjoying a well-fitted holistic lifestyle.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are living in a period family home or stylish flat, our simple process towards enhancing energy performance and liveability is an all-around winner, starting from identifying the “problem areas” and then engineering personalized solutions. This could range from combating draughts with floor-to-ceiling insulation and solar-powered heating systems to installing environmentally-friendly fittings and reusing building material.

Situated in the commercial and historic hub of Ilford, we have access to housing projects from different eras, modern business, institutional and residential spaces, and ongoing development works, requiring varying levels of care to bring them up to par with energy efficiency standards.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have an innovative yet evidence-based approach to eco-renovations and building, audited by TrustMark, to ensure we proffer excellent value in all aspects of sustainable property development.